+ We believe

in the Creator of the universe, who shares creative gifts with each human being



they can share them in service to the world

A not wasted lifetime.

[ A one-minute-read thought ]

Time–life–is indeed a non-renewable resource. But sure you know that.

We have good things in our lives,  plus the potential of many good things in life to possibly come, to possibly happen.

As having raw materials that can be used or made into something–something beautiful, something special–we already have many blessings, opportunities, good and beautiful things that are up to us to acknowledge, to enjoy and experience boldly and fully–alive.

Life can be lived just once, one moment at a time, as music flowing in its rhythm, one note, one sound at the time. It is up to us to make the best of it, for it is a possibility at our choice.

Life can be understood looking backwards, and, the time we already lived, looking back, is already gone, and can not be lived again.

So right now we have both the chance and the choice to live a life fully lived, boldly embraced, so we can look back to well made decisions and the joy of having used our lifetime in the best way meant for it. 

One day, one step at a time. Live your rhythm. 

May the Creator of our rhythm help us to embrace it…

He does help us indeed, but don't forget, we decide.